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BIMnetics App is the next-gen digital collaboration platform for the built environment that bridges the gap between information requirements and project delivery and operation.


Traditional Process

Information comes in many forms and the built environment uses and generates huge quantities of information that is playing an important part in the decision-making process to ensure the right decision is made by the right people at the right time.

Exchanging and managing this information between all parties during the delivery and operational phases of a project requires a strong structure and connection since the assessment phase where better qualitative and quantitative methods for assessing competency to perform the desired role is required to ensure the project’s success.

Effective and transparent decision making with ‘as best as possible’ knowledge of the impact on outcomes would significantly help in retracing the steps and learning from what did and didn’t work. That can also help in avoiding creating new

information when there is good quality information already produced from a previous project - for example, the cost of a product.


There is also a need for asset owners to have sufficient clarity regarding what their requirements are and how they support operational functions and future lessons in order to specify information incomplete, compatible and fit for purpose forms. Having this information management documented would help in defining a clear strategy of what information to be delivered, how that information will be managed and when will be exchanged across the project stages and by who.

The ability to structure and align the creation and flow of information between multiple parties such that fundamentally better decisions can be made are the main keys to better information management. That can be achieved by applying the ‘Golden Thread of Information’ during the whole lifecycle of an asset that is set by ISO 19650 series of standards, the remaining BS/PAS 1192 suite of documents, BS EN 17412, ISO 23386 and ISO 23387 in order to standardise the information so it can be exchanged, interrogated and integrated for different purposes across a range of cutting-edge technologies.

That approach is providing effective control on responsibility and information delivery while maintaining transparency and recording the reliability of information and changes.


BIMnetics App is a centralised cloud-based ecosystem that facilitates the management of the relevant information during the delivery and operational phases between multiple parties involved in the built environment through a data-driven approach.

The digital collaboration platform as a single source of truth for information management can provide clients and project teams with a clearer understanding and ensure compliance with industry and project-specific standards, as well as enabling real-time project visibility and automatic validation against the project’s information requirements and desired KPI which ultimately can automate the supply chain’s payments based on performance through Blockchain technology.

Streamlined workflows through the platform enable all parties to work together via a series of overlaps rather than the normal water-fall

Centralised Process

approach when person B cannot start until person A has finished. That collaborative approach gives more visibility and transparency which saves significant time.

By capturing lessons learnt digitally and analysing historical project’s data through the platform, decision-making and future project’s cost can be significantly improved, while providing continuous improvements in the operational phase.

Using the platform as a marketplace for projects can automate assessment analysis and tendering processes and save time in reusing the stored digital information in different projects, whilst providing direct marketing to the end users’ community about the new upcoming projects.

Data gathered through the platform can enable real-time feedback on occupancy and performance for facility management, end-users, society and the environment by creating a digital twin of the asset. It can also improve cities planning communication and coordination activities, in addition to ultimately enabling smart cities through the Internet of Things (IoT).

The larger the dataset becomes using the automated validation rules within the platform, the more accurately Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can be leveraged to make predictions and enable early and automated decision-making. If we open the integration with 3rd party systems through Application Programming Interface (API) - which we plan to - then there is nothing to stop anyone in the world from being able to represent their information in a structure that is transparent, accessible and interoperable.


With BIMnetics App, the machine-readable information management digital platform as the new paradigm, this future is not just possible, but probable - perhaps inevitable.


The beta is for users who do not mind discontinuity in service and are willing to work with us to understand and test issues. If you are interested in getting free access as an early adopter, please fill the form below:

Discipline Role
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Thanks for your interest! We will be in touch once the beta testing is available to early adopters!


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BIMnetics Ltd

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